Anzac Day

Awoken by the Rouse. 

Tears shed during the Last Post.

Tears shed, remembering those who had fallen before.

1915 signalled the day that both Australians and New Zealanders mourn for those who were lost within combat on every field of battle.

I sleep uneasy, for the years to come, where my friends who are Cadets now, turn into fully fledged soldiers. Everyday, I talk to them, make memories, and bond with them. For there may be a day where I will remember all of it.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning,

We will remember them.

I will never forget the sacrifice young men and women have made for my country, Australia, for New Zealand. 

Today is a special day. And it is important to me in many ways.

Lest we forget.

~Connor R. Ryan


First Meeting: Pokemon ARPG

Lately, on deviantArt, I’ve joined a group called Pokemon ARPG. What does ARPG mean? It means Art Roleplaying Group. You level up your Pokemon by drawing artwork of them, and you can breed them, and more. Currently, I only have two Pokemon in my possession, and they are Ruzo the Joltik and Snap the Corphish. 

Here’s their first artwork (besides reference sheets) and story!


First Meeting.png

Ruzo wandered around in the grass, careful not to be stepped on by far larger Pokemon than himself. After all, he was considered the tiniest Pokemon in existence, and he was making sure that he’d keep being the smallest for a long time. He loved being tiny, as it gave him a slight advantage against larger Pokemon. He wasn’t alone, however.

Something was following Ruzo. The enthusiastic Joltik became rather suspicious and wanted to know who was following him. Wanting to know who it was, Ruzo kept walking towards an abandoned cave he called home. It became evident when clicking of sharp claws scrapped the rocky floor. Ruzo turned around, and then bolted to the other side of the huge Pokemon that was following him. He continued running, until he reached the exact spot he had encountered the Pokemon before, in the low grass. The larger Pokemon had its shadow cast over the Joltik’s body, and he turned around to see a large Corphish.

“You’re very good with speed, small one.” the Corphish spoke. It was with a rather feminine tone to his ears, but Ruzo felt scared for once. “Do not be afraid, little one. I am tasked with being your guardian.”

“But why? Why, of all things, are you my guardian? You’re a crab, and we’re opposite elements! And besides, I’m more than capable of looking after myself, thank you.” Ruzo snapped back, clearly frustrated that he had someone that would linger around in his home. Great.

“Language, little one. And if you didn’t know, my weakness is your type, but I can use that to my advantage. And same for you. And it seems you’re awfully alone in your little cave.” the Corphish replied.

Ruzo then stopped to think. He was alone in his cave. His parents had abandoned him, and he had no siblings. Maybe this Corphish would be a friend, someone to look up to, someone who would care for him if the need arises. He sighed. “It does get lonely here. And yet, I just want to know why my parents abandoned me.” Ruzo said, sitting down.

The Corphish smiled slightly. “My parents abandoned me too. I have no one but a mentor, who passed away a few days ago. She told me that you were someone who I’d finally have peace with, and she…….foresaw the future of us.”

Ruzo perked upwards at the sentence she spoke. Friendship at last? Would he be happy?

“I never got your name. Mine’s Ruzo.”

“My name is Snap. Pleased to meet you, Ruzo.”


That’s all for now, folks. I’ll write more soon!

~Connor R. Ryan

Silly lore things from my Flight Rising clan

Yes, it is 1am and I’m awake because there’s a few voices keeping me awake, and honestly I just really wanted to write stuff down. Probably contains swearing. I don’t know it’s 1am in the morning I’ll explain in another blog post but HERE WE GO

Before I delve into this, a little disclaimer that some of the terminology I use here are from Flight Rising, and that my clan is a mix of human and dragon (everyone has a human form)  so yeah, thought this should be brought up)

So Carla is like, not dealing with single men flirting with her. Trust me, the clan’s healers are so sick of the single men that keep coming in with broken noses or misaligned jaws after Carla punches them in the face. She. Is. Not. Putting up. With your flirting, men. (And no, she is not a feminist. She likes being single, okay?)

Armin is both very gay and very straight. Well, he’s bisexual, but everyone knows how he acts towards men in his clan that aren’t relatives/his adoptive brothers. 

Dagobert and Shikoba are absolutely not parents but they had a nest of 3 dragons once because I was way too sleepy to be a proper dragon and they ended up with an accidental nest. Suffice to say, only one dragon out of that nest remains because that dragon is a statue for my dragons and only two dragons can actually make it animate
Dagobert is very gay for some male dragons in the clan but he’s not gonna tell who cause he’s got a giant-ass crush on one of them and he’s such a goof head around them. 

Meanwhile Dagmar and Lance are the Most Questionable ™  couple cause of their dragon sizes. Like damn. Lance you’re a tiny Nocturne who’s 5m who had dragon kids with your wife who’s a 28m Imperial. How the hell did you do it?
Clan Skruulraken has a funny way of dealing with Assassin’s Creed fan dragons who can’t stop assassinating shit. Especially when it comes to terms with two certain characters who share names with the two leaders. Hilarity always ensues as the confusion makes everyone go crazy. 

Makya nearly killed his parents when he was a hatchling. Purely accidental of course.

Armin hates Rakola for being dead and when Rakola comes back alive Armin doesn’t see him as a son, and Dagobert and Dagmar kinda hate Rakola too since he’s the reason they never had a really Happy Father™ 

Chiron needs to get some emotional support or somethin’ cause it is not healthy to slaughter everything you come across and spare one dragon (who’s as messed up as him) like dude, not cool.

The clan shouldn’t have a forge and a machinery BUT IT DOES because Armin and Makya couldn’t help themselves after the move from the Shifting Expanse to the Tangled Wood

Naira predicts accurate as hell prophecies and everyone fears her for that reason. Except for one lad who fell in love with her. And then they both had kids. (Not gonna lie, the kids are adorable.)

Nightgaze is that One Dragon™ every single lady (and bi men/gay men) wants but he’s already taken by Naira. Besides, he manipulates dreams

Every time a nest hatches, it’s the start of The Lion King. *cue Circle of Life and a dragon acting as Rafiki*

Akela thinks he’s super important in the clan, and sleeps all the time. Spoiler alert, he’s not important 

That’s all I have for now. I should try to sleep. Maybe later, I’ll do an important post later, regarding Anzac Day.

~Connor R. Ryan

Flight Rising – Bios and Lore

I play on a petsite called Flight Rising. It’s a dragon breeding game, where you collect dragons, breed them, or train them up in the Coliseum against the enemy called the Beastclans, and so much more.

 I enjoy it quite a lot. With your clan, you can do anything as long as it abides by the rules. As of such, I began writing lore for my dragons. My clan is called Clan Skruulraken, and the dragons within are different, but share a common goal: To live in peace and harmony.

However, one night, the clan’s prophet, Naira, foresees the clan being attacked by rival dragon clans and the Beastclans. As of such, the clan has taken the prophecy seriously and amps up the defence of the clan. 

Now, each dragon has a “bio” space on their individual page. So far, out of the 67 dragons I have in the lair (many with temporary bios), only 9 are actually fleshed out. I work in a order: start of the lair to the end of the lair. Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine the specific dragon in that job, but again, I go into the dragon’s mindset. I think: What would I do if I was assigned to be a Warden in the clan?

This week and last week have been rather tiring, and equally as stressful. Nevertheless, I am holding out for myself, and to look at my goals and be able to achieve them. But by the end of this week, I will have the 6 remaining dragons on the first page of my clan (the clan pages are split into 15 dragons per page) completed with lore.

As always, my readers, I will see you on the flip side.

~Connor R. Ryan

Luck is Today

What a day today has been! Besides the fact that yesterday and today were rather……….poor in the doctor’s appointment (called in sick twice), today was much better. I went to a comic book workshop and they had a raffle to win tickets to Bass in the Grass, a music festival that comes around annually here in Darwin. And when they drew the winners, I was one of them! I’m ecstatic!


BUT, I have lost quite a bit of time to do some more words on The Wendigo’s Call, which puts me back quite a bit. I’ve changed my word goal from 80,000 words to 60,000 words in order for me to at least try to get half-way through by the end of the month.

As I like to keep you up to date with things from my works, here’s an excerpt from Chapter 2 of The Wendigo’s Call! Chapter 2 introduces Arkanian, the second protagonist who tags along with Iacchus on his quest to find a way to rid himself of Wendigo Psychosis.


I’ll ask again: Why did you help me?”  I hear him say.


It sends chills up my spine as he asks that. I scoffed, and looked upwards, only to be locked into a gaze with his eyes and mine. Silver orbs looked at my brown. His eyes were filled with coldness, and I was entranced by them. Before I was too carried away and thrown off task by his eyes, I cleared my throat, before speaking once more. “Why do you insist? For all you could know, I might be keeping you alive to give you later to the demons to eat. And besides, you’re getting on my nerves rather quickly, bird boy.” I retort, hoping that he’d stop questioning me about it. As I thought he’d gotten the message, he sighed before returning to speaking. “Ha, you’re funny. But I can tell from your eyes alone that you’re avoiding my question.”


How does he know what I’m thinking by looking at my eyes?! Either he’s not just an Ice elemental by his arm tattoo markings, or that I am really giving away my thoughts in my eyes. Dammit, I should’ve seen this coming.



That is all I have for now. I’m knackered, and I feel like writing a ton for The Wendigo’s Call. Soon, after I’ve finished with Chapter 2 of The Wendigo’s Call, I’ll either do a Book Review for Wattpad authors, or I’ll start work on one of my other projects, mainly Raven’s Rook.

See ya on the flip side, my readers. May luck and fortune be bestowed to you.

~Connor R. Ryan




The Wendigo’s Call – Progress

I can’t say I’ve been doing much on it, quite frankly. School’s back and my mind is torn up between writing paragraphs and chapters for The Wendigo’s Call and schoolwork, and it is a very hard balance, and I’ve quite not achieved it.

Sometimes, it is rather hard to get into character for that certain character you’re writing. An example is Arkanian, who by Nothing to Lose elemental terms, is a Spiritual element.

I’ll give a quick run down of what Spiritual elementals are right now.

Spiritual elemental are essential to the planets Wodahs and Sverane as they are living connections between the two panels; Spiritual Panel, which is the plane of spirits of those who’ve died, and the Normal Panel, in which life thrives. Essentially normal life on the planets as is. Spiritual elementals are what keeps the fauna and flora around them alive, and it is known that once a Spiritual elemental leaves the area they were born/grown up in for a long time, the area there dies.

As such, regardless of species that have long or short lifespans, Spiritual elements of that species live very long.

As Arkanian is a Spiritual element who’s essentially an orphan and lives in the forest by herself, she’s rather cold and stubborn as all hell, and she’s a nosy lil girl. She is a rather unusual character to write, and so I have a little trick: talking and acting as if I was her! I usually do this with my brother or my friends, to try to fit into that mindset so that I can write her more efficiently. So far, so good!


As I’m a bit behind on the schedule I wanted to make, here’s a little excerpt from Chapter 1!


“Finally. You were starting to make me worried as I thought you were dead. Would’ve been a waste of my time and energy if so.” She growled slightly. Then, she grabbed my arm and pulled it back towards her, my arm jarring in pain. I feel a slight tingling over my body as she ran a finger over the bruised scar that runs across my arm. I barely remembered what injured me in the first place, but I quickly jerked back my arm in reflex. As I did so, the girl snarled at me. “Let me inspect the injury!” She shouted at me.

“Who…are you, anyway? Why’d…..Why’d you help me?” I asked. “Who I am is not of importance at the present time, bird boy. I’m doing you a favor by keeping you safe from the hellspawn.”


Well readers, that is all I have for this week so far! There will be no post for tomorrow as I’ve got a doctor’s appointment and knowing me, I’ll probably be very exhausted.

See ya on the flip side, my readers. May Skruulraken bring you luck and fortune.

~Connor R. Ryan

Camp NaNoWriMo: The Wendigo’s Call

When you’re thinking of ways to challenge yourself to think, and to write from another perspective, it is always worth your time to research what your ideas could accumulate into a worthwhile story to tell.

When I was writing up the lore of several creatures of Nothing to Lose, I studied extensively on wendigos, how the myths circulated through Native American tribes, and then I came across Wendigo Psychosis. Since it didn’t fit with any of my characters in Nothing to Lose, and that I wanted to try Camp NaNoWriMo, I decided to work on a new project that’s set in the universe of Nothing to Lose, but with new characters. Iacchus is the protagonist of it. It’s called The Wendigo’s Call.

The synopsis is here:

Iacchus is a young man who’s been touched by a wendigo. As he suddenly becomes able to see wendigos in their full flesh, and to communicate with them. When he tries to seek help, everyone believes he’s a werewolf. And as the Alpha Wendigo sends more wendigos to hunt him down, Iacchus is running out of time.

With the help of a young girl, Arkanian, Iacchus has to find a safe haven, someone who can help him with the curse he’s been afflicted with.

But his time is ticking away. Who will win? The Alpha Wendigo, or Iacchus?


I’m excited to work on The Wendigo’s Call. Because I’ve been focusing too much on Nothing to Lose (and Raven’s Rook, to an extent) and they’re starting to burn me out. Hopefully with fresh ideas in mind, you will all see it soon. Camp NaNoWriMo runs for the entire month of April, and again in July. The Offical NaNoWriMo event runs during November, but I will not participate in that this year as of yet.

Have something to add? Maybe you want to ask a question? I’m all ears.

See ya on the flip side, my fellow readers.

~Connor R. Ryan.


Greetings, readers of all kinds.

My name is Connor R. Ryan, and I’m a young writer who strives to show the word the stories I imagine, the words I put to paper. I mainly write on two current projects:

-Nothing to Lose, a story about 3 young men who have a childhood without a father, grow up to be demon slayers while finding out their true destiny. This is expected to span to 5 books (5 story sequences) as I’d rather not publish a rather big book (like of an encyclopedia, wait, do we even use those in today’s libraries?) to waste so much paper and put off people. This project was started in 2014 and was built up upon by a friend of mine and me.

-Raven’s Rook is a historical fiction story, set in 1927-1932 Sydney, Australia, as a rich man, called Raven Buck, runs a cutthroat gang called the Rooks, and wants to bring down Jack Lang, the New South Wales Premier of that time.

More projects may come and go, but these two projects are the main center of my writing core as of now.


If you’d like teasers to chapters, or want to read the projects as I release their chapters onto Wattpad, do follow this blog. I accept constructive critique and offers for beta readers will pop up, if necessary.

See you on the flip side, fellow readers.

~Connor R. Ryan