My name is Connor R. Ryan, and I’m a young writer who strives to show the word the stories I imagine, the words I put to paper. I mainly write on two current projects:

-Nothing to Lose, a story about 3 young men who have a childhood without a father, grow up to be demon slayers while finding out their true destiny. This is expected to span to 5 books (5 story sequences) as I’d rather not publish a rather big book (like of an encyclopedia, wait, do we even use those in today’s libraries?) to waste so much paper and put off people. This project was started in 2014 and was built up upon by a friend of mine and me.

-Raven’s Rook is a historical fiction story, set in 1927-1932 Sydney, Australia, as a rich man, called Raven Buck, runs a cutthroat gang called the Rooks, and wants to bring down Jack Lang, the New South Wales Premier of that time.

More projects may come and go, but these two projects are the main center of my writing core as of now.


If you’d like teasers to chapters, or want to read the projects as I release their chapters onto Wattpad, do follow this blog. I accept constructive critique and offers for beta readers will pop up, if necessary.

See you on the flip side, fellow readers.

~Connor R. Ryan


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