When you’re thinking of ways to challenge yourself to think, and to write from another perspective, it is always worth your time to research what your ideas could accumulate into a worthwhile story to tell.

When I was writing up the lore of several creatures of Nothing to Lose, I studied extensively on wendigos, how the myths circulated through Native American tribes, and then I came across Wendigo Psychosis. Since it didn’t fit with any of my characters in Nothing to Lose, and that I wanted to try Camp NaNoWriMo, I decided to work on a new project that’s set in the universe of Nothing to Lose, but with new characters. Iacchus is the protagonist of it. It’s called¬†The Wendigo’s Call.

The synopsis is here:

Iacchus is a young man who’s been touched by a wendigo. As he suddenly becomes able to see wendigos in their full flesh, and to communicate with them. When he tries to seek help, everyone believes he’s a werewolf. And as the Alpha Wendigo sends more wendigos to hunt him down, Iacchus is running out of time.

With the help of a young girl, Arkanian, Iacchus has to find a safe haven, someone who can help him with the curse he’s been afflicted with.

But his time is ticking away. Who will win? The Alpha Wendigo, or Iacchus?


I’m excited to work on The Wendigo’s Call. Because I’ve been focusing too much on Nothing to Lose (and Raven’s Rook, to an extent) and they’re starting to burn me out. Hopefully with fresh ideas in mind, you will all see it soon. Camp NaNoWriMo runs for the entire month of April, and again in July. The Offical NaNoWriMo event runs during November, but I will not participate in that this year as of yet.

Have something to add? Maybe you want to ask a question? I’m all ears.

See ya on the flip side, my fellow readers.

~Connor R. Ryan.



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