I can’t say I’ve been doing much on it, quite frankly. School’s back and my mind is torn up between writing paragraphs and chapters for The Wendigo’s Call and schoolwork, and it is a very hard balance, and I’ve quite not achieved it.

Sometimes, it is rather hard to get into character for that certain character you’re writing. An example is Arkanian, who by Nothing to Lose elemental terms, is a Spiritual element.

I’ll give a quick run down of what Spiritual elementals are right now.

Spiritual elemental are essential to the planets Wodahs and Sverane as they are living connections between the two panels; Spiritual Panel, which is the plane of spirits of those who’ve died, and the Normal Panel, in which life thrives. Essentially normal life on the planets as is. Spiritual elementals are what keeps the fauna and flora around them alive, and it is known that once a Spiritual elemental leaves the area they were born/grown up in for a long time, the area there dies.

As such, regardless of species that have long or short lifespans, Spiritual elements of that species live very long.

As Arkanian is a Spiritual element who’s essentially an orphan and lives in the forest by herself, she’s rather cold and stubborn as all hell, and she’s a nosy lil girl. She is a rather unusual character to write, and so I have a little trick: talking and acting as if I was her! I usually do this with my brother or my friends, to try to fit into that mindset so that I can write her more efficiently. So far, so good!


As I’m a bit behind on the schedule I wanted to make, here’s a little excerpt from Chapter 1!


“Finally. You were starting to make me worried as I thought you were dead. Would’ve been a waste of my time and energy if so.” She growled slightly. Then, she grabbed my arm and pulled it back towards her, my arm jarring in pain. I feel a slight tingling over my body as she ran a finger over the bruised scar that runs across my arm. I barely remembered what injured me in the first place, but I quickly jerked back my arm in reflex. As I did so, the girl snarled at me. “Let me inspect the injury!” She shouted at me.

“Who…are you, anyway? Why’d…..Why’d you help me?” I asked. “Who I am is not of importance at the present time, bird boy. I’m doing you a favor by keeping you safe from the hellspawn.”


Well readers, that is all I have for this week so far! There will be no post for tomorrow as I’ve got a doctor’s appointment and knowing me, I’ll probably be very exhausted.

See ya on the flip side, my readers. May Skruulraken bring you luck and fortune.

~Connor R. Ryan


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