What a day today has been! Besides the fact that yesterday and today were rather……….poor in the doctor’s appointment (called in sick twice), today was much better. I went to a comic book workshop and they had a raffle to win tickets to Bass in the Grass, a music festival that comes around annually here in Darwin. And when they drew the winners, I was one of them! I’m ecstatic!


BUT, I have lost quite a bit of time to do some more words on The Wendigo’s Call, which puts me back quite a bit. I’ve changed my word goal from 80,000 words to 60,000 words in order for me to at least try to get half-way through by the end of the month.

As I like to keep you up to date with things from my works, here’s an excerpt from Chapter 2 of The Wendigo’s Call! Chapter 2 introduces Arkanian, the second protagonist who tags along with Iacchus on his quest to find a way to rid himself of Wendigo Psychosis.


I’ll ask again: Why did you help me?”  I hear him say.


It sends chills up my spine as he asks that. I scoffed, and looked upwards, only to be locked into a gaze with his eyes and mine. Silver orbs looked at my brown. His eyes were filled with coldness, and I was entranced by them. Before I was too carried away and thrown off task by his eyes, I cleared my throat, before speaking once more. “Why do you insist? For all you could know, I might be keeping you alive to give you later to the demons to eat. And besides, you’re getting on my nerves rather quickly, bird boy.” I retort, hoping that he’d stop questioning me about it. As I thought he’d gotten the message, he sighed before returning to speaking. “Ha, you’re funny. But I can tell from your eyes alone that you’re avoiding my question.”


How does he know what I’m thinking by looking at my eyes?! Either he’s not just an Ice elemental by his arm tattoo markings, or that I am really giving away my thoughts in my eyes. Dammit, I should’ve seen this coming.



That is all I have for now. I’m knackered, and I feel like writing a ton for The Wendigo’s Call. Soon, after I’ve finished with Chapter 2 of The Wendigo’s Call, I’ll either do a Book Review for Wattpad authors, or I’ll start work on one of my other projects, mainly Raven’s Rook.

See ya on the flip side, my readers. May luck and fortune be bestowed to you.

~Connor R. Ryan





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