I play on a petsite called Flight Rising. It’s a dragon breeding game, where you collect dragons, breed them, or train them up in the Coliseum against the enemy called the Beastclans, and so much more.

 I enjoy it quite a lot. With your clan, you can do anything as long as it abides by the rules. As of such, I began writing lore for my dragons. My clan is called Clan Skruulraken, and the dragons within are different, but share a common goal: To live in peace and harmony.

However, one night, the clan’s prophet, Naira, foresees the clan being attacked by rival dragon clans and the Beastclans. As of such, the clan has taken the prophecy seriously and amps up the defence of the clan. 

Now, each dragon has a “bio” space on their individual page. So far, out of the 67 dragons I have in the lair (many with temporary bios), only 9 are actually fleshed out. I work in a order: start of the lair to the end of the lair. Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine the specific dragon in that job, but again, I go into the dragon’s mindset. I think: What would I do if I was assigned to be a Warden in the clan?

This week and last week have been rather tiring, and equally as stressful. Nevertheless, I am holding out for myself, and to look at my goals and be able to achieve them. But by the end of this week, I will have the 6 remaining dragons on the first page of my clan (the clan pages are split into 15 dragons per page) completed with lore.

As always, my readers, I will see you on the flip side.

~Connor R. Ryan


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