Yes, it is 1am and I’m awake because there’s a few voices keeping me awake, and honestly I just really wanted to write stuff down. Probably contains swearing. I don’t know it’s 1am in the morning I’ll explain in another blog post but HERE WE GO

Before I delve into this, a little disclaimer that some of the terminology I use here are from Flight Rising, and that my clan is a mix of human and dragon (everyone has a human form)  so yeah, thought this should be brought up)

So Carla is like, not dealing with single men flirting with her. Trust me, the clan’s healers are so sick of the single men that keep coming in with broken noses or misaligned jaws after Carla punches them in the face. She. Is. Not. Putting up. With your flirting, men. (And no, she is not a feminist. She likes being single, okay?)

Armin is both very gay and very straight. Well, he’s bisexual, but everyone knows how he acts towards men in his clan that aren’t relatives/his adoptive brothers. 

Dagobert and Shikoba are absolutely not parents but they had a nest of 3 dragons once because I was way too sleepy to be a proper dragon and they ended up with an accidental nest. Suffice to say, only one dragon out of that nest remains because that dragon is a statue for my dragons and only two dragons can actually make it animate
Dagobert is very gay for some male dragons in the clan but he’s not gonna tell who cause he’s got a giant-ass crush on one of them and he’s such a goof head around them. 

Meanwhile Dagmar and Lance are the Most Questionable ™  couple cause of their dragon sizes. Like damn. Lance you’re a tiny Nocturne who’s 5m who had dragon kids with your wife who’s a 28m Imperial. How the hell did you do it?
Clan Skruulraken has a funny way of dealing with Assassin’s Creed fan dragons who can’t stop assassinating shit. Especially when it comes to terms with two certain characters who share names with the two leaders. Hilarity always ensues as the confusion makes everyone go crazy. 

Makya nearly killed his parents when he was a hatchling. Purely accidental of course.

Armin hates Rakola for being dead and when Rakola comes back alive Armin doesn’t see him as a son, and Dagobert and Dagmar kinda hate Rakola too since he’s the reason they never had a really Happy Father™ 

Chiron needs to get some emotional support or somethin’ cause it is not healthy to slaughter everything you come across and spare one dragon (who’s as messed up as him) like dude, not cool.

The clan shouldn’t have a forge and a machinery BUT IT DOES because Armin and Makya couldn’t help themselves after the move from the Shifting Expanse to the Tangled Wood

Naira predicts accurate as hell prophecies and everyone fears her for that reason. Except for one lad who fell in love with her. And then they both had kids. (Not gonna lie, the kids are adorable.)

Nightgaze is that One Dragon™ every single lady (and bi men/gay men) wants but he’s already taken by Naira. Besides, he manipulates dreams

Every time a nest hatches, it’s the start of The Lion King. *cue Circle of Life and a dragon acting as Rafiki*

Akela thinks he’s super important in the clan, and sleeps all the time. Spoiler alert, he’s not important 

That’s all I have for now. I should try to sleep. Maybe later, I’ll do an important post later, regarding Anzac Day.

~Connor R. Ryan


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