Lately, on deviantArt, I’ve joined a group called Pokemon ARPG. What does ARPG mean? It means Art Roleplaying Group. You level up your Pokemon by drawing artwork of them, and you can breed them, and more. Currently, I only have two Pokemon in my possession, and they are Ruzo the Joltik and Snap the Corphish. 

Here’s their first artwork (besides reference sheets) and story!


First Meeting.png

Ruzo wandered around in the grass, careful not to be stepped on by far larger Pokemon than himself. After all, he was considered the tiniest Pokemon in existence, and he was making sure that he’d keep being the smallest for a long time. He loved being tiny, as it gave him a slight advantage against larger Pokemon. He wasn’t alone, however.

Something was following Ruzo. The enthusiastic Joltik became rather suspicious and wanted to know who was following him. Wanting to know who it was, Ruzo kept walking towards an abandoned cave he called home. It became evident when clicking of sharp claws scrapped the rocky floor. Ruzo turned around, and then bolted to the other side of the huge Pokemon that was following him. He continued running, until he reached the exact spot he had encountered the Pokemon before, in the low grass. The larger Pokemon had its shadow cast over the Joltik’s body, and he turned around to see a large Corphish.

“You’re very good with speed, small one.” the Corphish spoke. It was with a rather feminine tone to his ears, but Ruzo felt scared for once. “Do not be afraid, little one. I am tasked with being your guardian.”

“But why? Why, of all things, are you my guardian? You’re a crab, and we’re opposite elements! And besides, I’m more than capable of looking after myself, thank you.” Ruzo snapped back, clearly frustrated that he had someone that would linger around in his home. Great.

“Language, little one. And if you didn’t know, my weakness is your type, but I can use that to my advantage. And same for you. And it seems you’re awfully alone in your little cave.” the Corphish replied.

Ruzo then stopped to think. He was alone in his cave. His parents had abandoned him, and he had no siblings. Maybe this Corphish would be a friend, someone to look up to, someone who would care for him if the need arises. He sighed. “It does get lonely here. And yet, I just want to know why my parents abandoned me.” Ruzo said, sitting down.

The Corphish smiled slightly. “My parents abandoned me too. I have no one but a mentor, who passed away a few days ago. She told me that you were someone who I’d finally have peace with, and she…….foresaw the future of us.”

Ruzo perked upwards at the sentence she spoke. Friendship at last? Would he be happy?

“I never got your name. Mine’s Ruzo.”

“My name is Snap. Pleased to meet you, Ruzo.”


That’s all for now, folks. I’ll write more soon!

~Connor R. Ryan


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