Nothing to Lose Excerpt: Farthest Outpost

The nightsky of the world of Wodahs caught the attention of Makya’s eyes. His siblings, and his cousins too, were entranced by the starry sky.

“It’s so beautiful! Father, why aren’t you looking at the stars? Even as a old man, surely these fill you with wonder-” Makya was interrupted by Connor’s laughter.

“I may be old, but I was born here. And at one point, I brought you here, when you were only just a few months old.” Connor replied, before Armin walked out of the building he was in just a few seconds before, carrying a load of guns. Raising an eyebrow at Armin, Connor got up and walked towards his brother, grabbing a few of the guns.

“What do we need these for?” Connor asked. A gruff voice cleared its throat. “It’s because you, and your children, are going to the Outpost. There’s been a rise in demon activity. More specifically, I’m coming along on this mission, Connor.”

Turning around to the voice, Connor saw the large figure above him. It was Kelsus, his older brother. “But why are you accompanying us? You know that me, Armin, and Ezio are the ones who formed the Brotherhood, did we not? We are the elite demon slayers!” Connor barked at Kelsus. Normally, he wouldn’t raise his voice at his older brother, seeing as he was both the King, but also because he was the most respected brother.

Eliseo turned his head away from the conversation his two uncles were having. Instead, he got up and walked over to Armin, sighing.

“What’s the issue, Bombastic? Something troubling you, kid?” Armin asked in a deep tone. Eliseo grabbed one of the weapons from Armin, and inspected it. “….Where’s my father, Uncle Armin?” Armin flattened his ears slightly.

“He’s…..already at the Outpost. You’ll be meeting him soon.” Armin replied solemnly. He really wanted to say that he was missing in action; possibly dead. Hence why the mission was started.

Armin and Connor were to retrieve their possibly dead brother from the frontline. With the aid of Eliseo, Makya, and Carla, they would also infiltrate the demon hive and destroy it.

Carla had not yet spoken a word, from the moment she set foot onto Wodahs. She knew something was going on. She wouldn’t be called along with her brother to do demon work without seeing her father. As Makya glanced over to Carla, he felt slightly uncomfortable.

His markings glowed softly, the wind around him feeling familiar to him. He missed his wife, his mother, and his children. He also missed his sisters, and his cousins from Armin’s side. Their auras were in the wind, with him.


That’s all I have for now, folks.

~Connor R. Ryan