Writing Prompt: Clouds

The dark, ominous clouds loomed over the old shack of a house. The house, situated in a remote area of field, creaked slightly as the storm winds blew past it, and the thunder growled in the clouds. The old man came out of his house, with his dog behind him, to see what might bring harsh weather to the old, decaying house. Normally, the clouds were wispy, and streamed seamlessly over the blue sky. But this time, it was not the case. The dog whimpers, and the old man just nods.

The storm rolls over the house. The clouds are lit up, with bright strikes of light. One of these strikes hits the house. The clouds, move on as slowly as they usually are. They say the storms bring the end to some, while to others, they bring the start of a new life.


This was a Writing Prompt from Daily Post. I felt the need to write out something quickly to keep me on task. I need a small break.

As always, may luck be ever in your favour.

~Connor R. Ryan


Starting Over Afresh

No, this isn’t to do with the blog at all. More or less, this is a bit of a personal thing. 

I’ve realised that I need to let go of my past and work towards the future. But there was something holding me back. Something that drags me with chains to my past. My current name. No, Connor R. Ryan is just a pen name. I won’t say what my real name is, but I’ve got so many bad memories that I want to let go, but I cannot because this name has been affiliated with misery and sadness. 

I’m a gender neutral writer. And my birth name….does not reflect me. At all. Which is why I’m transitioning to a new name. This new name, is me starting afresh. New memories, new things to try, and after all, I must let go of the past to be comfortable with the future.

Now, I’ll best be off preparing for Camp NaNoWriMo July! It starts in just a few hours, and now, I must get back to planning, before I forget.

Thank you for reading. 

Best of luck to all of you. May your adventures be great.

~Connor R. Ryan.

Flight Rising: Scavenging for Tablets (Lore Post)

It was the first day of Light’s festival. They called it Brightshine Jubilee, the grandeur of Lightweaver’s creation. The entire week is of festivities, and having a good time. 

Sayuri began buckling up her armor. It was time again to go into the battlefield once more, this time for scavenging for the festival’s currency: Immaculate Tablets. The Clan wanted a lot of this festival’s prizes, and the one team doing so was always up for this. Ezio and Connor were stretching, getting themselves warmed up for the long day ahead.

“Good morning, my darling. I trust you’ve slept well?” Connor purred, standing next to Sayuri. Sayuri mildy chuckled, rubbing her nose against his. “Of course, Connor. And I gather you know what we’re doing today?” She replied. Connor nodded, glancing at Ezio, who was with Reyes, probably doing some love talk. “Ezio, we need to go early. You know this.” Connor called, and Ezio stuttered slightly. “J-just hang on a second! I think I forgot something- no, I’m ready. Goodbye Reyes. Take care, okay?” A soft purr responded back to Ezio, and he quickly ran over to Connor and Sayuri. “Sorry about that. Reyes has been…..unusual as of recent.” Ezio said, sighing as the trio started walking.

“Oh? Did she have eggs-” “No. That’s the thing. I think something’s troubling her. Whatever it is, I think Eliseo and Carla can deal with it.” Ezio interrupted Sayuri, and then apologising afterwards. “Hopefully our scavenging mission goes well. I hear that we’ve got Goblins this round of festivals. Ahava and Bukarg realllly want to tame one.” Connor said, his eyes carefully darting around. As the sun rose, Connor covered his face with his hood, hissing slightly.

“Connor? What’s gotten into you? You usually enjoy the early sun….” Sayuri asked, but Connor merely grumbled. “It’s….hurting my eyes.” he replied, sweating slightly. He was lying to his own mate. Connor was hiding something, from his mate. From Ezio too. 

“Hopefully it doesn’t distract you from our mission, Connor. You know what the clan wants.” Ezio snapped at Connor. He nodded, and kept walking.

The day had only just begun.


I have more lore posts, but they are in the world’s. It’s Brightshine Jubilee on Flight Rising, and this post is inspired from my earlier post with the loot. And yes, I did get that Goblin. It’s actually really cute!

But that’s all I have for now. May luck befall you on your adventures.

~Connor R. Ryan.

Outlining Nothing to Lose, among other things

It is the start of the school holidays for me! As well as the start of a long set of holidays busily writing!

So far, I’ve outlined up to Chapter 4 of Nothing to Lose, and I’ve written bios for 24 out of 73 dragons! It’s………it’s a lot of writing. X-X Each bio is roughly 200 words each, some having more or less in them. I have a Google Docs document, detailing each dragon’s bio, with jobs, sexuality, what relationship status they are, as well as their personal quote/motto.

Here’s a gif for all of the dragons I’ve done so far:


As you may notice, there are a lot of dragons with a surname. Those dragons, are actually Nothing to Lose characters. Some, are fandragons, but none of the fandragons have lore for them just yet.

This is a shorter than usual post, but it’s all I have for now. I may update later, who knows?

That’s all, fellow writers. May luck be ever in your favour.
~Connor R. Ryan

Busy, Busy, Busy.

The clicking of my fingers hitting the keyboard feels amazing. So far, I’ve written nearly 5k words writing up lore for all of my 74 dragons on Flight Rising. I’ve not been this motivated until now. Maybe because everything is piecing itself together, or if it’s because I am making progress in my journey of identity within society and it’s harsh views. Maybe it is both.

I still struggle with mental illnesses, but I’m getting to my goal. To be happy. Anxiety and Depression may hold me down, but I will break free, with every ounce of strength and determination in my body. Nothing to Lose, is becoming a part of me. While it isn’t my life, it is what I consider my feelings incorporated into a story. 

During 2015, it was a very tough year for me. I felt like I was going nowhere. But I had a close friend of mine, who I roleplayed with, who I talked with, almost everyday. My characters became something else entirely. They weren’t just some non-exisiting beings in my head, they were like real people. With their own struggles, their own desires, their own goals. Nothing to Lose used to be just an idea. Now, it is becoming a story that I’ve always wanted to write. 

I’ve accomplished some of the mini-goals on my journey. But I must take another step, and become even more motivated.

Thank you, for reading this, fellow bloggers, readers and writers alike. I wish you all well, and may luck be ever in your favour.

~Connor R. Ryan.

A small update

Yes, I have been inactive for a while. School has caught up with me, and now I’m entering the last few days before my school holidays start. I have so much prepared for July, you won’t believe it. Camp NaNoWriMo is just around the corner. I’ve already scribbled down my plotline, all I need to do right now is to write out character details, and then July 1st, I will start. I’ll write the first words, of the new novel from Camp NaNoWriMo, called The Forsaken War. 

I won’t go into full detail about what it is about, but it is going to be in my area, well, sort of. The Forsaken War touches on two main male characters who struggle with the idea of being in a relationship with each other, during a war between the Human/Orc allegiance and the Nercomancers and the Army of Undead. I know what happens in the end, but I anticipate that it may end up me changing the outline slightly, by the time I have the novel finished.

The other thing is that this blog was intended to be a blog about Nothing to Lose’s lore, and my Flight Rising clan lore. While those core elements exist, I feel my schedule with updating isn’t consistent. And I’m sorry about that. In the future, I will improve on the schedule for the time being. I have been busy; VERY busy, writing up bios for my dragons over on Flight Rising. All in a Google Docs document, I can work on it wherever I go. This model of getting my dragon bios done is extremely effective, and I’ve reached page 2 of dragons to write bios for. It’s at a very steady pace, so soon, I will do more lore posts on this blog. The reason why there’s not much, or any lore posts on this blog is that, well, I like to know what roles my dragons have in my clan. And I think: do people want silly little posts? Or do they want informative bios, 200-300 words a bio?

Also, Nothing to Lose is finally off it’s outline rails! It is entering it’s first draft: the initial writing of the entire script/novel. I’ve not yet decided if I want to work on Nothing to Lose as a novel, however, it can work both ways. One of my favourite book series, Artemus Fowl, by Eoin Colfer, has got both the original novels, and a visual novel adaption. Maybe, in the future, that will happen, by yours truly. 

For now, this is all I have for you, my dear readers. I promise to you, I will try my best to be consistent and make a schedule, and to adapt to that schedule.

May luck be ever in your favour~

~Connor R. Ryan

Flight Rising Lore: Heart of Fire

Makya had sat down, but this would be the last few times he would sit down in the damp ground of the mountain he lived in. He had gathered his staff, and his balms, his medical herbs. He grinned them together, with his paws. A bowl, of paint, lay near his staff. This would be the last time he and his fellow werewolves were to hunt in the Tangled Wood, before their move to the Great Furnace. 
He spoke of incantations, before his eyes looked upwards, to see a large Imperial of similar colours, removing their armor.
“Ah, mother. Are you going without armor for this last hunt?” He spoke calmly. The larger imperial only replied with a soft laugh. “Of course, Makya. It will be the last time with our allies, the Wendigos. Shall I get the others?” “Yes, mother. I do, after all, have to mark all of you. I also must bless us all, for this last hunt with our dear allies.” Makya replied, returning to mixing the paint together. He started applying it to his face, and to his arms and legs. “Soon,” he thought, “Soon, this hunt will be the most grandest.”

The others had arrived. Many removed their apparel, in respect. Connor stood there, watching on. Sayuri nuzzled Connor’s neck with her muzzle. “Are you not joining us, Connor?” Sayuri asked, looking at her mate in the eyes. “I’m afraid I can’t. I have business to attend to with the move. Armin and Ezio, however, will join you.” Connor said, with a long sigh. “But, I will stay a little, to wish you well on this hunt.” He said cooly. 

A few minutes later, all of the werewolves were ready. Connor bowed to them, and spoke. “With the heat of the moment, and with a Heart of Fire, may the deities bless you with a splendour hunt!”

Quick update on the blog

This blog is actively participating in Camp NaNoWriMo July, so heads up!

As well as that, I’ll also be using this blog to write more stuff about Flight Rising, how my clan lore is. You’ll see a lot of lore posts and me just showing off my dragons, haha.


~Connor R. Ryan.