The clicking of my fingers hitting the keyboard feels amazing. So far, I’ve written nearly 5k words writing up lore for all of my 74 dragons on Flight Rising. I’ve not been this motivated until now. Maybe because everything is piecing itself together, or if it’s because I am making progress in my journey of identity within society and it’s harsh views. Maybe it is both.

I still struggle with mental illnesses, but I’m getting to my goal. To be happy. Anxiety and Depression may hold me down, but I will break free, with every ounce of strength and determination in my body. Nothing to Lose, is becoming a part of me. While it isn’t my life, it is what I consider my feelings incorporated into a story. 

During 2015, it was a very tough year for me. I felt like I was going nowhere. But I had a close friend of mine, who I roleplayed with, who I talked with, almost everyday. My characters became something else entirely. They weren’t just some non-exisiting beings in my head, they were like real people. With their own struggles, their own desires, their own goals. Nothing to Lose used to be just an idea. Now, it is becoming a story that I’ve always wanted to write. 

I’ve accomplished some of the mini-goals on my journey. But I must take another step, and become even more motivated.

Thank you, for reading this, fellow bloggers, readers and writers alike. I wish you all well, and may luck be ever in your favour.

~Connor R. Ryan.


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