It is the start of the school holidays for me! As well as the start of a long set of holidays busily writing!

So far, I’ve outlined up to Chapter 4 of Nothing to Lose, and I’ve written bios for 24 out of 73 dragons! It’s………it’s a lot of writing. X-X Each bio is roughly 200 words each, some having more or less in them. I have a Google Docs document, detailing each dragon’s bio, with jobs, sexuality, what relationship status they are, as well as their personal quote/motto.

Here’s a gif for all of the dragons I’ve done so far:


As you may notice, there are a lot of dragons with a surname. Those dragons, are actually Nothing to Lose characters. Some, are fandragons, but none of the fandragons have lore for them just yet.

This is a shorter than usual post, but it’s all I have for now. I may update later, who knows?

That’s all, fellow writers. May luck be ever in your favour.
~Connor R. Ryan


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