It was the first day of Light’s festival. They called it Brightshine Jubilee, the grandeur of Lightweaver’s creation. The entire week is of festivities, and having a good time. 

Sayuri began buckling up her armor. It was time again to go into the battlefield once more, this time for scavenging for the festival’s currency: Immaculate Tablets. The Clan wanted a lot of this festival’s prizes, and the one team doing so was always up for this. Ezio and Connor were stretching, getting themselves warmed up for the long day ahead.

“Good morning, my darling. I trust you’ve slept well?” Connor purred, standing next to Sayuri. Sayuri mildy chuckled, rubbing her nose against his. “Of course, Connor. And I gather you know what we’re doing today?” She replied. Connor nodded, glancing at Ezio, who was with Reyes, probably doing some love talk. “Ezio, we need to go early. You know this.” Connor called, and Ezio stuttered slightly. “J-just hang on a second! I think I forgot something- no, I’m ready. Goodbye Reyes. Take care, okay?” A soft purr responded back to Ezio, and he quickly ran over to Connor and Sayuri. “Sorry about that. Reyes has been…..unusual as of recent.” Ezio said, sighing as the trio started walking.

“Oh? Did she have eggs-” “No. That’s the thing. I think something’s troubling her. Whatever it is, I think Eliseo and Carla can deal with it.” Ezio interrupted Sayuri, and then apologising afterwards. “Hopefully our scavenging mission goes well. I hear that we’ve got Goblins this round of festivals. Ahava and Bukarg realllly want to tame one.” Connor said, his eyes carefully darting around. As the sun rose, Connor covered his face with his hood, hissing slightly.

“Connor? What’s gotten into you? You usually enjoy the early sun….” Sayuri asked, but Connor merely grumbled. “It’s….hurting my eyes.” he replied, sweating slightly. He was lying to his own mate. Connor was hiding something, from his mate. From Ezio too. 

“Hopefully it doesn’t distract you from our mission, Connor. You know what the clan wants.” Ezio snapped at Connor. He nodded, and kept walking.

The day had only just begun.


I have more lore posts, but they are in the world’s. It’s Brightshine Jubilee on Flight Rising, and this post is inspired from my earlier post with the loot. And yes, I did get that Goblin. It’s actually really cute!

But that’s all I have for now. May luck befall you on your adventures.

~Connor R. Ryan.


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