Well, I am! My goal is for 80k words….but since I know there’ll be a lot of distractions on the way, such as family visiting, as well as having to return to school sometime later in July. But that will not stop me from writing!

Camp NaNo starts tomorrow! Are you Ready?


4 thoughts on “Are you ready for Camp NaNo?

  1. 80k? How ambitious!

    I only aim for 30k but…schedule cleared, plot planned, two 1.5L bottles of water and favorite writing music on an endless loop checked. Yep, I’m ready!

    5 hours to go!

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      1. It’s summer camp, don’t get burned out already.

        There’s still November NaNoWriMo, which I won’t be participating. I need to finish my long-overdue NaNoWriMo novels from last year and the year before that already! I tested the sci-fi, romance one I planned for November in April Camp. It didn’t turn out quite well so I’m going on full revisionist’s mode till the end of the year lol.

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