No, this isn’t to do with the blog at all. More or less, this is a bit of a personal thing. 

I’ve realised that I need to let go of my past and work towards the future. But there was something holding me back. Something that drags me with chains to my past. My current name. No, Connor R. Ryan is just a pen name. I won’t say what my real name is, but I’ve got so many bad memories that I want to let go, but I cannot because this name has been affiliated with misery and sadness. 

I’m a gender neutral writer. And my birth name….does not reflect me. At all. Which is why I’m transitioning to a new name. This new name, is me starting afresh. New memories, new things to try, and after all, I must let go of the past to be comfortable with the future.

Now, I’ll best be off preparing for Camp NaNoWriMo July! It starts in just a few hours, and now, I must get back to planning, before I forget.

Thank you for reading. 

Best of luck to all of you. May your adventures be great.

~Connor R. Ryan.


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