The dark, ominous clouds loomed over the old shack of a house. The house, situated in a remote area of field, creaked slightly as the storm winds blew past it, and the thunder growled in the clouds. The old man came out of his house, with his dog behind him, to see what might bring harsh weather to the old, decaying house. Normally, the clouds were wispy, and streamed seamlessly over the blue sky. But this time, it was not the case. The dog whimpers, and the old man just nods.

The storm rolls over the house. The clouds are lit up, with bright strikes of light. One of these strikes hits the house. The clouds, move on as slowly as they usually are. They say the storms bring the end to some, while to others, they bring the start of a new life.


This was a Writing Prompt from Daily Post. I felt the need to write out something quickly to keep me on task. I need a small break.

As always, may luck be ever in your favour.

~Connor R. Ryan


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