Sorry all, this isn’t something I wanted to talk about but the current situation is just… stupid. Crude language ahead.

Okay, Undel, Xhaztol, and the rest of the Flight Rising Admin team. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU SUSPEND SOMEONE WHO IS WARNING OTHERS TO STAY AWAY AND BLOCK A USER?!

Situation at hand: A Kickstarter/Beta player on Flight Rising was given a 5 day suspension for having a blacklist for a specific user. Normally, yes, blacklists are suspendable content. The thing is, however, that the player suspended had the blacklist OFFSITE. Flight Rising Admins CANNOT ban someone based on things they do offsite, but apparently THEY CAN NOW.

What was the player who got suspended warning people about? A suicide baiter. And the admins have done NOTHING to ban the suicide baiter. Not to mention other things FR admins haven’t banned, liiiiiiiike:

-A pedophile that IS STILL ON SITE
-countless other suicide baiters
-multiaccounters (multi accounting is considered cheating and is a bannable offense)
-Neo-nazi (the fucker’s still lurking onsite)
-as well as people who need to be banned for breaking site rules over and over again

these are all the things that FR ADMINS HAVE NOT DONE.

Undel, Xhaztol, and the FR admin team. You disgust me. Am I going to get a warning now, because I posted something offsite? Because I’m discussing account actions?

FR admins, do not fucking victim blame and further more DO NOT ABUSE YOUR ADMIN POWER. That’s just fucking shitty.

I conclude my rant. Again, deeply sorry. This isn’t what I wanted to talk about, but because I needed to rant about it, it had to happen.

~Connor R. Ryan


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