Starting Over – Camp NaNoWriMo

I’ve finally decided that it is best for me to start over on Camp NaNoWriMo. The Forsaken War, will wait for another time, perhaps. However, I will introduce to you, something that’s in Nothing to Lose, but not quite it…..


That’s right! It is, of course, the world-building aspect of Nothing to Lose. The universe of Nothing to Lose needs to be fleshed out before I work on the actual main series first. I know I might’ve said I wanted to take a break from Nothing to Lose a month or so back, but things, new things, have popped up, giving me the motivation to keep writing without burning out on it.

I do have to apologise, however, to those who really wanted to read The Forsaken War. I feel like I’ve disappointed you, but hopefully this apology will suffice.

Alright, time for me to get some rest.

~Connor R. Ryan


Update – Camp NaNoWriMo

I’m not sure where to go with The Forsaken War, to be quite honest. Everything’s been piled onto me, I’m still not able to get more written, and I feel blocked on The Forsaken War. There’s just….I can’t finish a certain paragraph off, because everything’s just dried my creative juices, and I feel like I’m sinking into Nothing to Lose worldbuilding once more.

So, until I can kick myself to go write more, I won’t be sure if I’m going to finish Camp NaNo or not.

~Connor R. Ryan

Writing Prompt: Glass

The glass mirror was cracked. And so was he, the man, the creature, that was peering into the glass. Armin could only sigh at what he had become. A monster. He had to kill her, for she wanted an end to her life, but he still felt like one. His hand was bloodied, the glass dropping onto the ground. He was only but a shattered glass fragment in this world of misery.


A quick word prompt. Thought I’d write something that may happen in Nothing to Lose. I’ll bring an update soon about Camp NaNoWriMo.

~Connor R. Ryan

Camp NaNoWriMo: Week Progress

I am extremely sorry about not being able to write anything since the 3rd of July! This week has been a long one. I have family visiting, and well, I’ve been so busy cleaning and spending time with the visiting family I haven’t had the energy to keep writing more.

Day 2: Wrote, but forgot to put it into the word count meter on Camp NaNoWriMo site.

Day 3: Word count updated! 3,313 words out of 80k words

Day 4: Had the first lot of the family come to see us. Did a little bit of writing, did not update the word count. That day also had a downfall as I saw a brawl go violently wrong. (No one died.) Word count remained at 3,313 words.

Day 5: No writing done this day. The second lot of the family came to see us, and set up the caravan. Word count remained at 3,313 words.

Day 6: I wanted to do some writing today, but because the younger cousins (one 5, other 7) were around, and that The Forsaken War contains quite a bit of crude language, I didn’t write at all in front of them. The dinner that night was very good, and I felt too exhausted that night to do some writing. Word count remained at 3,313 words.

Day 7: Both lots of the family that came up here and I went fish feeding! No writing done that day, alas. The family then are now on a trip to a national park for 4 days. Word count remained at 3,313 words.

Day 8: We’re here! I finally updated the word count. I’m now at 3,600 out of 80,000 words! I’ll do more when I write some more, and it will be in it’s separate post from this.


I hope you all have had a good time! I hope you’ve all been writing like crazy! And without further ado, I must wish you all luck!

~Connor R. Ryan

Flight Rising Rant

Sorry all, this isn’t something I wanted to talk about but the current situation is just… stupid. Crude language ahead.

Okay, Undel, Xhaztol, and the rest of the Flight Rising Admin team. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU SUSPEND SOMEONE WHO IS WARNING OTHERS TO STAY AWAY AND BLOCK A USER?!

Situation at hand: A Kickstarter/Beta player on Flight Rising was given a 5 day suspension for having a blacklist for a specific user. Normally, yes, blacklists are suspendable content. The thing is, however, that the player suspended had the blacklist OFFSITE. Flight Rising Admins CANNOT ban someone based on things they do offsite, but apparently THEY CAN NOW.

What was the player who got suspended warning people about? A suicide baiter. And the admins have done NOTHING to ban the suicide baiter. Not to mention other things FR admins haven’t banned, liiiiiiiike:

-A pedophile that IS STILL ON SITE
-countless other suicide baiters
-multiaccounters (multi accounting is considered cheating and is a bannable offense)
-Neo-nazi (the fucker’s still lurking onsite)
-as well as people who need to be banned for breaking site rules over and over again

these are all the things that FR ADMINS HAVE NOT DONE.

Undel, Xhaztol, and the FR admin team. You disgust me. Am I going to get a warning now, because I posted something offsite? Because I’m discussing account actions?

FR admins, do not fucking victim blame and further more DO NOT ABUSE YOUR ADMIN POWER. That’s just fucking shitty.

I conclude my rant. Again, deeply sorry. This isn’t what I wanted to talk about, but because I needed to rant about it, it had to happen.

~Connor R. Ryan

Camp NaNoWriMo: Day 1


Hello my readers! It is currently Day 2 here, of Camp NaNoWriMo, but I’ve not written anything today just yet. However, I will like to mention an update!

Firstly, I’ve added a widget to my blog. Can you see it?


Yes, it looks like this!


Thanks to a WordPress user whose post I saw on how to put it into a WordPress blog, I have added a word count tracker! Mainly, a NaNoWriMo tracker.

So, if you are keen to find out my progress on The Forsaken War with words, check there! Or, if you’re on mobile quite frequently like me, you can wait until I post up an update of Camp NaNo here!

Secondly, as seen above, I’ve written 2,942 out of 80,000 words! I actually beat the average word count I should have every day on the first day! WOO! Today, however, I’ve been rather busy, I slept in til 11am (oops), then cleaned for the afternoon, and now it is the afternoon, time for me to start a little more writing, eh?

I’ll keep you all updated! Maybe you’ll see chapters soon….soon..? Hehe.

~Connor R. Ryan

Writing Prompt: Clouds

The dark, ominous clouds loomed over the old shack of a house. The house, situated in a remote area of field, creaked slightly as the storm winds blew past it, and the thunder growled in the clouds. The old man came out of his house, with his dog behind him, to see what might bring harsh weather to the old, decaying house. Normally, the clouds were wispy, and streamed seamlessly over the blue sky. But this time, it was not the case. The dog whimpers, and the old man just nods.

The storm rolls over the house. The clouds are lit up, with bright strikes of light. One of these strikes hits the house. The clouds, move on as slowly as they usually are. They say the storms bring the end to some, while to others, they bring the start of a new life.


This was a Writing Prompt from Daily Post. I felt the need to write out something quickly to keep me on task. I need a small break.

As always, may luck be ever in your favour.

~Connor R. Ryan

Starting Over Afresh

No, this isn’t to do with the blog at all. More or less, this is a bit of a personal thing. 

I’ve realised that I need to let go of my past and work towards the future. But there was something holding me back. Something that drags me with chains to my past. My current name. No, Connor R. Ryan is just a pen name. I won’t say what my real name is, but I’ve got so many bad memories that I want to let go, but I cannot because this name has been affiliated with misery and sadness. 

I’m a gender neutral writer. And my birth name….does not reflect me. At all. Which is why I’m transitioning to a new name. This new name, is me starting afresh. New memories, new things to try, and after all, I must let go of the past to be comfortable with the future.

Now, I’ll best be off preparing for Camp NaNoWriMo July! It starts in just a few hours, and now, I must get back to planning, before I forget.

Thank you for reading. 

Best of luck to all of you. May your adventures be great.

~Connor R. Ryan.

Flight Rising: Scavenging for Tablets (Lore Post)

It was the first day of Light’s festival. They called it Brightshine Jubilee, the grandeur of Lightweaver’s creation. The entire week is of festivities, and having a good time. 

Sayuri began buckling up her armor. It was time again to go into the battlefield once more, this time for scavenging for the festival’s currency: Immaculate Tablets. The Clan wanted a lot of this festival’s prizes, and the one team doing so was always up for this. Ezio and Connor were stretching, getting themselves warmed up for the long day ahead.

“Good morning, my darling. I trust you’ve slept well?” Connor purred, standing next to Sayuri. Sayuri mildy chuckled, rubbing her nose against his. “Of course, Connor. And I gather you know what we’re doing today?” She replied. Connor nodded, glancing at Ezio, who was with Reyes, probably doing some love talk. “Ezio, we need to go early. You know this.” Connor called, and Ezio stuttered slightly. “J-just hang on a second! I think I forgot something- no, I’m ready. Goodbye Reyes. Take care, okay?” A soft purr responded back to Ezio, and he quickly ran over to Connor and Sayuri. “Sorry about that. Reyes has been…..unusual as of recent.” Ezio said, sighing as the trio started walking.

“Oh? Did she have eggs-” “No. That’s the thing. I think something’s troubling her. Whatever it is, I think Eliseo and Carla can deal with it.” Ezio interrupted Sayuri, and then apologising afterwards. “Hopefully our scavenging mission goes well. I hear that we’ve got Goblins this round of festivals. Ahava and Bukarg realllly want to tame one.” Connor said, his eyes carefully darting around. As the sun rose, Connor covered his face with his hood, hissing slightly.

“Connor? What’s gotten into you? You usually enjoy the early sun….” Sayuri asked, but Connor merely grumbled. “It’s….hurting my eyes.” he replied, sweating slightly. He was lying to his own mate. Connor was hiding something, from his mate. From Ezio too. 

“Hopefully it doesn’t distract you from our mission, Connor. You know what the clan wants.” Ezio snapped at Connor. He nodded, and kept walking.

The day had only just begun.


I have more lore posts, but they are in the world’s. It’s Brightshine Jubilee on Flight Rising, and this post is inspired from my earlier post with the loot. And yes, I did get that Goblin. It’s actually really cute!

But that’s all I have for now. May luck befall you on your adventures.

~Connor R. Ryan.