Every writer’s been there before. Every author has. So how do you combat it? This is a question I ask, of you, my followers. Do you have any tips? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “I’m Stuck on Writing a Book.

  1. I just pick a word count and start writing. No matter how terrible the words are, they count. After a few weeks, it just gets easier and easierto hit the word count. And the stuff gets better each and every day.

    You probably have to be willing to write 10,000 words of garbage to get 100 words of gold at first. There’s no easy way around that. Start small at only 100 words a day or so and it will be like the little engine that could. You’ll make it up the hill some day.

    As for more specific advice on getting started, I created a private blog, where I set out to write the worst stories in the world. I did that on purpose. I wanted them to be horrible. Because it was fun for me to write stuff that was supposed to be the worst thing anyone had ever read.

    Believe it or not, writing badly on purpose gave me so much freedom that I wrote every day for a few weeks and then I was more than ready to jump in and write for real.

    This may not be your idea of writing a book. But the first step to writing a book is to start writing. Anything. Just keep writing every day until it feels weird not to write.


    1. I tend to start writing, and I end up going nowhere. But I may try a hand at starting a private blog and then writing to my heart’s content.

      I’ll be sure to keep writing every day. After all….what’s a writer without the feeling of writing?


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